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  2. Getting started

How do I list a property?

This space contains a step-by-step guide on how to add and list a property.

  1. First you have to create an account or login here
  2. Once on your dashboard, press the Property icon on the left hand side of the page. 
  3. A menu will appear asking you to select the property type - entire or shared property.
  4. Choose the type of property and proceed with inputting details.

      After inputting the details on each page, you have the option to save & exit at any time to continue later.

      Property Information

      1. Enter the property address
      2. Select from the drop down what type of property it is.
      3. Select the available date.


        1. Select the number of bedrooms (adding the number of living rooms and bathrooms is optional).
        2. You have an option to select furnishing, gardens, parking and input other facilities the property may have.


        1. Add the monthly rent expected.
        2. The security and holding deposit will be automatically generated.
        3. You have an option to include any bills.

          A general description of your property will be generated at this point based on the details you have entered. You have the option to edit this description.


          In this section you can add whether you have a house alarm and the number smoke alarms available.


          1. Upload photos and videos of the property you wish to list.
          2. Click on the box and upload from your computer.

          Confirmation Page

          1. Review and confirm the details you have entered.
          2. Publish
          Congratulations! You can now publish your property or save it for later!!